As you may have noticed, Stewardchicks trends toward clean eating.  Many people today intentionally avoid impurities in what we consume to maximize our health and longevity.  But, what about impurities in our minds and in our hearts?  What can we do about that?

Having a living, active relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing you can do in this life.  The Bible tells us that God is absolutely holy.  That means that we cannot stand before Him with even the smallest trace of sin.  The truth is, we’ve all sinned.  Even though we live a “good,” moral life, we still do wrong things.  And, because of those wrongs, no matter how small, we are totally unable to right our wrongs before a holy God on our own.  In that state, we face eternal and rightful separation from God, experiencing His terrible wrath against sin.  Can you see our desperate need?

BUT, praise our Creator in heaven, He loves us so much that He has given us the singular solution to our desperate need in the person of His perfect Son, Jesus.  On the cross, Jesus gave His life paying the full price for our sins.  He did this so that we could have a true and living relationship with God.  It was and is the only way.  

Jesus wants to forgive you.  But, He does not force us.  Like reaching out to receive a present, we have to reach out and take hold of His gift of grace and forgiveness.  If you desire this gift, then in your heart, turn to Jesus, tell Him you need Him, and ask Him for mercy.  Open your heart to receive Jesus.  Your life satisfaction and eternal eternity depends entirely on what you do with Jesus in this life.

For those who do know the saving gift of God’s grace, we have the assurance from God Himself that we will experience His glory for all of eternity.  May we not stay silent.  May we proclaim God and His glory until there is no more breath in our lungs.

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